Allied Coffee Growers


Is an association of small organic coffee producers in the municipality of Anserma (Caldas, Colombia). Its quality has been recognized in various national and international settings.

During 2006, Anzeas coffee ranked second in the world, competing against coffees from 74 countries in the world at the XVII Specialty Coffee Fair Cupping Pavilion held in Charlotte (North Carolina, United States),between April 7 and 11.

In 2005, ANZEAS coffee was recognized in the high quality coffee contest held by the departmental committee of Coffee Growers at the Manizales fair. Within the association there are a total of xx associates, who cultivate coffee at an average altitude of 1768 meters above sea level, which gives the coffee outstanding organoleptic qualities such as smoothness and aroma, and excellent bean quality.

This association had its beginnings in 2004, under the slogan of having an environmentally healthy, socially fair, culturally acceptable and economically viable coffee crop.

All this tradition, quality and attributes of excellence have made ANZEAS one of the main allies of Manufacturing Coffee.


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