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Specialty Coffee Grinder
(Micro Lot)

Dedicated Coffee Grinders for parchment removal of micro lots (up to 2000 kilograms), obtaining Green Coffee Beans, ready for roasting.

Semitoasted Coffee

Humidity reduction of Green beans can be achieved through a thermal process, which allows the preservation of the main properties of the beans for extended periods of time.

Roasting Services

Our private roasting services provide multiple options regarding the thermal process;National and International Coffee Roaster Recommendations, Coffee Roaster Curve Analysis and Roasting Profile Developmentcan be achieved due to the combination of our team of experts and the use of cutting edge coffee roasting machinery.

Coffee Grinder Services

We offer a customized contract grinding service for customers requiring grinding of roasted coffee, based on their special needs.


Our team provides personal consultant services regarding multiple types of packaging for both export and commercial coffee products.

Brand and Product Development

Productnaming, logo design and slogan are crucial components to theidentity of successfulproducts.We count with a multidisciplinary team of Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertising professionals in order to help our clients to achieve this goal, providing a customized development of product and brand identity.

International Logistics

Contract of Carriage, Permits and Payment of fees to ship abroad both small and large amounts of coffee from Colombia are one of the key components of Manufacturing Coffee, helping our clients through the whole process and its activities.


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